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        • Bonus Content available to subscribers only. Over $4,500 worth of value. See details below.
        • Unlimited Access to Energy Magazine Members Area, including full article archive
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          Check out your Subscriber Bonuses worth over $4,500
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          Energy Magazine FREE discount program - $499 value

          Save big on products and services for your practice...and your life! Energy Magazine is all about helping you practice safely, successfully, and with confidence!  Giving you discounts on a huge range of business essentials – and even your self-care – is a great way to support you in all you do!

          We’ve worked hard to bring you this special benefit – one that saves you money (and doesn’t cost you a penny!)

          Take advantage of the hundreds of discounts – updated weekly – that you can use to grow your practice, nurture your clients, and make memories with friends and family.

          Quantum Human Design™ Masterclass with Karen Curry Parker - $295 value

          The Revolutionary Tool of Human Design; Learn about Yourself, Others, and the Future of Energy Work.

          Quantum Human Design is powerful in how it brings together ancient wisdom (astrology, the I Ching, and the Kabbalah) and modern science (quantum physics, genetics, and the vibrational power of words on your body and mind).  

          It gives you an operating manual that shows how you are uniquely designed to make decisions, reveals your truest personal narrative, and helps you engage with the world in ways that help you totally thrive.  

          Knowing your design, even the basics of it will make it easier to find your flow and to manifest what you truly want in life with every decision you make. Most importantly, it reveals your potential and your unique role in this cosmic unfolding. And the more fully you come from that fullness, the more you can help your clients find and step into theirs. 

          Energy Magazine Article Index and Past Issues - $499 value

          Full access to all of our Past Issues from the last 11+ years and our Article Index which contains over 600 articles that can be searched by subjectLooking for that specific article that shares a new technique or a story that you want to share with a client? You will have easy access to these articles, each published in their own searchable document 

          Exclusive Author Interviews - $1,250 value

          Watch exclusive interviews from our amazing authors on all things energy medicine. Where they got their start or what they do in their everyday lives, insight into their specialty and how they work with clients. New interviews being added all the time.

          Essential Energy Anthology 2009-2016 - $1,999 value
          Cyndi Dale

          Over the past years, Energy Magazine has been fortunate to have Cyndi Dale share her wisdom with us. Energy Medicine has ancient roots that permeate many cultures. Cyndi’s knowledge draws from these ancient roots and she has shared this knowledge through her writings. This compilation contains over 40 articles (over 100 pages!) of Cyndi's experience, knowledge and humor. (An updated anthology will be added soon that covers the 10 years she has been writing for us 2009-2019) 

          Is your website working to get you clients? Free Course - $200 value

          Thrive Academy

          Let's face it. If you don't have a website for your business these days, you're losing credibility with people. But the problem is that most coaches, healers and holistic practitioners spend WAY too much time trying to perfect their website and not enough time doing the work that has people say Yes to working with you. This is exactly why Sharla Jacobs, Co-Founder of Thrive Academy, decided to put this FREE course together! She wants you to get your client-attracting website up quickly so you can focus on finding and enrolling your ideal clients.

          Wind Knots for Power and Prosperity - $49 value

          Renee Baribeau

          In this talk and ceremony, you will be introduced to Wind Knots. The art of tying Wind Knots dates back to the thirteenth century and is attributed to the wizards of Lapland, the witches of Shetland and the Isle of Man. To ensure that winds would blow in their favor, sailors would visit wind witches who would sell them a strand of wind knots. These potent charms were used to call upon the wind for guidance. In this workshop, you will be given the tools and techniques to make your own strand of magical knowledge.

          Support for Empaths and Sensitive People During Stressful Times, Two One-Hour Zoom Talks Available On Demand - $40 value
          Judith Orloff, MD

          Many empaths reach out to me asking for techniques to help through times of uncertainty. As an empath myself, I know how susceptible we are to absorbing feelings of overwhelm and suffering. In each call, Dr. Orloff presents self-care practices and heart-centering meditation techniques to decrease stress and allow empaths to tap into their clarity and intuition. Now is the time to shift from feeling helpless to becoming an empowered empath by learning how to center and ground yourself.

          Chakra Self-Assessment - $29 value
          Energy Magazine

          There are many ways of assessing your own chakras and you may already have your own method. For those who don’t, this kit includes three methods and a chart to follow and keep track of progress.

          Lessons from Healing People That We Can Apply to Healing Humanity - $49 value
          Sarah McCrum

          If we want to move beyond our current level of quality of life, we can either willingly embrace change as a species, or experience the pain of resistance. Change is necessary. We’re on the edge of a healing process to clean things up. This piece is on learning the lessons that will help us heal collectively — ourselves, our planet and all of the life on it.

          Energy Medicine for the Dying Client - $49 value
          Dr. Sara Allen

          A very humble compilation of patterns, sequences, evolutions and responsive techniques that Sara Allen has gathered over the span of her career. The intent of this piece is to learn how to balance and align the energies of the terminally ill.

          What We Eat and Our Energy System - $29 value
          Deanna Minich

          This handout is designed to assist you in exploring the realm of eating to support your energy system. We offer you a way of tracking your daily intake and noticeable changes. Deanna Minich has graciously offered you two tools that she has developed – Nourish Your Whole Self and the Seven Systems of Health.

          High Performance Gardening + 3 Bonuses - $49 value
          Lynn Gillespe

          In the High Performance Gardening eBook you will get inside secrets from a high performance gardener, Lynn Gillespie, an organic farmer of over 25 years and the owner of The Living Farm. The keys to weed free gardening, soil biology, huge yields in a small space and effective planning for your garden will be found in this book. 

          You are Connected to Heaven and Earth by Electromagnetic Fields - $49 value
          Dr. Sara Allen

          As Sara Allen states, we are magnetic beings inside a magnetic universe on a magnetic planet. Our entire body, brain, heart and all Nine Energy Systems have been proven to create electromagnetic fields (EMFs). When in flow, our electromagnetic field supports all that we want to expand our human experience into. It is becoming increasingly necessary that we get a little education on how to adapt and thrive in the current transforming world of electromagnetic fields.

          The “Get Clients” Free Consultation Formula + Bonus Training Video - $499 value
          Sharla Jacobs

          Mastering the Free Consultation Formula is the fastest and most effective way to get more clients and is responsible for our clients earning tens of millions of dollars collectively in the past 15 years. Also includes a bonus training video from Sharla Jacobs.

          Heal Your Life in 27 Days! Harness Journaling Power to Get (and Stay) Healthy
          - $29 value  Mari McCarthy

          Journaling Power is a revolutionary approach to healing and strengthening yourself from the inside out. By simply putting pen to paper every day, you harness your personal Journaling Power to transform your life, and mend physical, emotional and spiritual wounds. When you invest the time to complete a short exercise every day in this course, for 27 days in a row, you will see the positive results in your life.

          Animal Magnetism: A Spiritual Perspective on the Human-Animal Bond - $29 value  

          Susan Wagner

          Animal Magnetism: A Spiritual Perspective on the Human-Animal Bond is a series of writings that connect us to the wisdom of the animal kingdom. It is designed to facilitate self-awareness and healing by looking at life from a unique viewpoint.

          7 Ways to Nourish Your Whole Self - $29 value
          Deanna Minich

          The intention of this booklet and the Food & Spirit™ work is to help guide you to the place of the essential “I”s of the eating experience — Instinct, Intuition, Inspiration, and Information.

          Make Your Workspace and Work Life Work for You - $19 value
          Lindsay Mulligan

          This handout was designed to make your professional workspace and routines as healthy as possible. We often forget to implement self-care and create peace when we are busy in our day-to-day routines, and this guide will give tips on how to create balance and harmony while you tackle your daily duties.

          Culinary Nutrition Recipe Packet + Buyer’s Guide to High-Quality, Safe, Nutritional Supplements for You and Your Family - $49 value
          Denise Pickett-Bernard

          A collection of healthy recipes designed specifically for whole-body wellness plus a bonus consumer’s guide to choosing  the best and safest supplements for wellness for you and your entire family.

          Practicing Gratitude for Self-Care - $29 value
          Energy Magazine

          Gratitude is a self-care practice that will enhance your life. The benefits of practicing gratitude are many and amazing. The pages in this toolkit are designed to offer a place to explore and write. In addition, you will find other ideas and inspiration for expressing gratitude.

          Mandala Meditations - $29 value
          Energy Magazine

          The mandala symbolizes balance, perfection, completion, transformation and the interconnection of all things. Coloring or creating mandalas has the ability to promote relaxation, develop a clear focus, balance the body’s energies, enhance your creativity, offer stillness of mind and promote healing. Color these intricate mandalas and let your mind wander, settle and explore.

          Self-Care Planner - $19 value
          Energy Magazine

          This printable planner allows you track your self-care practices and encourages you to incorporate a regular self-care routine into your daily life with worksheets and guidance to help you along the way.

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